Existing Billing Software

The following features are available in the core system, and can be implemented usually within 60 days.

  • Web-based End-user Billing
  • Carrier Access Billing (CABS)
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Call detail Record (CDR) Collection and Mediation
  • Custom Calling Plans Rating
  • Service Order Management / Workflow
  • Telecom-specific Taxing for all States
  • Sales Agent Commissions

Custom Software Development

We have designed dozens of software solutions for telecom companies. Applications have been customer-facing, internal / employee facing and back-office plant. Here is a list of systems and technologies with which we have ample experience…

  • Multiple flavors of Windows and Linux and some experience with iSeries/AS400.
  • php, Python, PowerShell, ASP.NET
  • MSSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, IBM/DB2, Progress/OpenEdge, Access
  • Active Directory, LDAP
  • Apache, Plesk, Virtualmin, IIS
  • Cisco CMTS
  • Adtran AOE
  • Cacti, Nagios
  • Interfacing with telecom and ISP billing systems: Quintrex, NISC, Platypus, Emerald